Nescafe – 3 Things You Won’t Know

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Nescafe – Fact 1, What It Stands For?

All over the world, coffee lovers know the brand Nescafe. Whether you are an instant coffee lover, or a pod perfectionist, Nescafe will be a word that is not far from your lips, or cup.

However, the origin of the name Nescafe is an obvious, if somewhat unknown fact. The name Nescafe is an amalgam of the words ‘Nestle’, and ‘Cafe’. 

Quite clearly, since the word Nestle is integral to the brand Nescafe, it will come as no surprise that Nestle founded the company. This happened in Switzerland on April 1, 1938.

Nescafe – Fact 2, A Brazilian Connection

Although Brazil has always had a connection with coffee, given it’s favourable climate, Brazil is a big contributor to the reason why we have Nescafe today. In fact, Nestle began developing it’s coffee brand in 1930 at the request of the Brazilian government. The reason why they made this request was ostensibly to preserve the substantial surplus of the annual Brazilian coffee harvest.

Nescafe – Fact 3, Taster’s Choice Supplanted Nescafe

As with all brands, there is a continuing need for relevance and promotion. Nescafe is no exception, and, having been established for many years, they decided that, in Canada and the USA at least, that they brand would be known as ‘Taster’s Choice’. This change occurred in the late 1960’s and remained for many years. These days, Nescafe has been restored as the Coffee flagship of Nestle but Taster’s Choice still exists, albeit as a separate brand.

Nescafe – Reflect When You Next Sip!

Next time you take a sip of Nescafe, or, Taster’s Choice, spare a thought for these 3 facts, perhaps it will make that morning cuppa just a little bit tastier!

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