How Coffee Makes It To Your Cup

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How Coffee Makes It To Your Cup – From Seed To Mouth!

Next time we drink our morning coffee, spare a thought as to how coffee makes it to your cup, it’ll help you savour each mouthful just a little bit more!

How Coffee Makes It To Your Cup – Step By Step


  1. Planting the seed – After harvesting the crop, the farmer will keep a few green coffee beans for planting.
  2. Harvesting – Once the berries have matured, the beans are harvested. Depending on the area, this will happen by machine, or by hand
  3. Sorting and Selecting – Once the berries leave the field, the debris such as leaves and twigs are removed. Then they are placed in a tank of water, the reason for this is that the unripe berries will float and can be separated from the viable ones.
  4. Pulp the cherries – The skin and fruit that surrounds the bean must be removed, so that the green coffee bean can be further treated.
  5. Drying the beans – At this point, the coffee beans need to be dried until the moisture level drops to between 9 and 13 percent.
  6. Storage – The drier beans now have an advantage. They can be stored for extended periods, perhaps even years depending on the temperature and humidity of the area.
  7. Hulling and Polishing – The beans are sent for a final removal of any surrounding impurities and are then graded by experienced professionals, being divided into a grade of either primary or secondary defects. The beans are also sized on a scale of between 1o and 20, 10 being a size of 10/64 inch, and, 20 being 20/64 inch in size. According to the strict processes wherever they are inspected, the unsuitable beans will then be removed.
  8. Distribution and Roasting – The production process is now over. The beans are now sent to wherever they have been purchased. At this point, after arriving, the beans will be roasted at a temperature of over 4oo degrees Fahrenheit, this will bring out it’s own character and flavour, depending on the length of the roast.
  9. Package – Now, the bean is as we expect it, roasted, full of flavour, and only a small jump to our cup! So, it is packaged for sale. Next, it is sent to our favourite coffee outlet.
  10. Grinding, Brewing, Drinking – The last step is one we see almost every day. Our coffee vendor will grind the beans into granules or powder, extract the good stuff by brewing it, serve it to us…and there we have it! Something tasty and refreshing for drinking!

How Coffee Makes It To Your Cup – Take A Sip!

As we head out tomorrow morning, and grab our morning cup of coffee, spare a thought as to how this humble little bean made it into our cup. It was a long process but it did it!

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