Green Coffee Beans – Healthy?

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Green coffee beans have been touted as a wide ranging health supplement. However, what is the latest opinion as to just how healthy they are for you?

So, what exactly are Green Coffee Beans? When coffee beans are roasted, they lose their green color and become as we know them, the dark brown roasted coffee bean. However, it is not just the color that changes. There is something that changes which is supposed to be essential as a health supplement, what is it?

Chlorogenic Acids – What Are They?

Chlorogenic acids, a term we probably are not too familiar with. What exactly are they? First thing to know is that they are find in high concentrations in green coffee beans. Once the bean is roasted, the level of chlorogenic acids drops substantially, and, since the acids are the portion that is supposed to benefit us, the thinking is that once the bean is roasted, a large percentage of the health benefits are lost.

Scientifically, Chlorogenic acids are what are termed esters. Esters are chemical compounds that are usually formed by the combination of carboxylic acids and an alcohol. So, in this case, the chlorogenic acid is a combination of caffeic acid and quinic acid. One misconception is that chlorogenic acids contain chlorine. In fact, they don’t contain any chlorine in them, and so are not going to bleach your insides!

Chlorogenic acids are purported to have positive influences on health(We don’t have proof either way). The list of reported benefits are slightly lower blood pressure, anti-inflammatory effects, and, a possible chemical sensitizer involved in respiratory allergy to certain plant materials.

Chlorogenic Acids in Green Coffee Beans

Reportedly, the amount of Chlorogenic acids in Green Coffee Beans is in the region of 5-10%. When you compare this to caffeine in the same beans, it comes out well on top since caffeine reportedly is around 1-2% of the beans.

One thing to consider, though, is that the chlorogenic acids are quite prone to decomposing back into quinic and caffeic acids. This is the reason why the Chlorogenic acids are extracted and sold in pill form.

Often times, the pills that are sold with chlorogenic acid, usually marketed as Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Pills contain around 50% of the acid, which, for the learned, amounts to 800mg. Amazon has some types of these pills for sale, and they are around $10-20 for 30-60 pills, depending on the amount you want to buy.

It is important to remark that the FDA has taken action against false claims as to how effective Green Coffee Beans are, so, as with all things, it is best to do due diligence before purchasing.

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