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Nescafe – Fact 1, What It Stands For? All over the world, coffee lovers know the brand Nescafe. Whether you are an instant coffee lover, or a pod perfectionist, Nescafe will be a word that is not far from your lips, or cup. However, the origin of the name Nescafe is an obvious, if somewhat unknown fact. The name Nescafe is an amalgam of the words ‘Nestle’, and ‘Cafe’.  Quite clearly, since the word Nestle
Green coffee beans have been touted as a wide ranging health supplement. However, what is the latest opinion as to just how healthy they are for you? So, what exactly are Green Coffee Beans? When coffee beans are roasted, they lose their green color and become as we know them, the dark brown roasted coffee bean. However, it is not just the color that changes. There is something that changes which is supposed to be
How Coffee Makes It To Your Cup – From Seed To Mouth! Next time we drink our morning coffee, spare a thought as to how coffee makes it to your cup, it’ll help you savour each mouthful just a little bit more! How Coffee Makes It To Your Cup – Step By Step   Planting the seed – After harvesting the crop, the farmer will keep a few green coffee beans for planting. Harvesting –
Starbucks Coffee Shops When it comes to coffee, in most places of the world, Starbucks Coffee Shops are the brand of choice for many people. What types of coffee do they serve? Starbucks Coffee – What Types Of Coffee Do They Have? So, here are what you can expect, next time you pop into your local Starbucks Coffee outlet: Brewed Coffee Caffe Americano Caffe Latte Caffe Misto Caffe Mocha Cappuccino Caramel Macchiato Caramel Mocha Chestnut